The video above is a TV Programme showing your Manfidence Coach Marek Tribedi helping someone with the confidence to perform standup comedy for the very first time. Don't worry, you won't be expected to do that!


What is Manfidence?

Manfidence is a Confidence Programme Workshop for men only, aged 45 or over.

As well as Group Workshops, Manfidence Coaching on a individual basis improves confidence which enables future planning by collaborating to set and progress achievable goals - the secret of happiness.

What do you mean by “confidence”?

Being comfortable in your own skin – knowing who you are, and being able to communicate authentically. Being brash, loud, overbearing, aggressive is not a sign of confidence and may indicate a lack of confidence.

Who developed Manfidence and who leads the Manfidence Workshop?

Marek Tribedi identified the need for and developed the concept of Manfidence and is your Manfidence Coach along with his wife Alice.

What are Marek and Alice’s qualifications and experience to run a Manfidence Workshop?

Alice is a graduate of widely renowned Drama School (East 15). A professional actress with TV & West End appearances, Alice is also a comedienne & Drama/Comedy Workshop Coach. After winning a national TV comedy competition "Take The Mike", Alice has made TV appearances e.g. on Ruby Wax show with Paul McKenna. Alice is a trainer and Public Speaker at corporate diversity events and she  runs numerous fun dance exercise for 60+, for which she was nominated Community Coach of the Year, and mindfulness classes.

Marek started performing comedy & running comedy clubs/workshops in 1996, reaching the semi-finals of BBC & Daily Telegraph Competitions and making national TV appearances for performing workshops (Inside Out). Marek has a degree in Psychology, is an NLP practitioner and an accredited Performance Coach (Sheffield Hallam University). Along with 35 years blue chip experience, Marek is recognised as a specialist trainer on delivering presentations with impact, and the founder/chair of the 3000+ strong Maximise Network for older workers at Lloyds Bank, for which he was credited with a Finalist Award for Championing an Ageing Workforce by Business In the Community. Marek is also a member of the Business Taskforce for Older Workers set up by Baroness Ros Altmann through the Department of Work & Pensions,

Why is Manfidence for for men only?

There is, quite rightly, a great amount of emphasis on women getting equal pay for the same job, and gender equality targets in organisations to move towards gender proportionate representation at all levels of seniority.  However, many men feel “left behind” and Manfidence is about ensuring that men also have the necessary confidence to pursue opportunities. True equality relies on everyone performing at their best regardless of gender. Confident men are more likely to support the equal treatment of women.

Why do so many men around 50 or over need more confidence?

  • Employment (lost opportunities, lack of progress, out of date skills, age bias in the workplace).

  • Men are especially impacted by redundancy and unemployment, with effects lasting up to 5 years.

  • Divorce and its consequences.

  • Financial pressures (past, present, and lack of future planning)

  • Health and fitness levels, reduced physical prowess or disability.

  • Lack of support or validation of aspirations, or of themselves.

  • Some men whose children have grown up now find their self-perceived usefulness has decreased.

  • Reflection of their lives so far and a focus on failures (whether real or perceived)

  • An inner critic, the subtle mental voice inside, constantly reminding us that we need to do better, be better, and act more effectively, constantly sapping confidence.

So, are any women permitted to attend a Manfidence Workshop as a delegate?

No. The best safe atmosphere for men to regain or build their confidence is amongst other men who can openly relate directly to male confidence matters.

Isn’t this discrimination against women?

No. There are very many opportunities available for women to develop confidence, some of them are only open to women. Compared to men, women are better able to adjust in the wake of a major life change e.g. divorce. And the sad fact that that suicide rates for men aged 45 to 59 are three times higher than for women (and having risen 37% in the last 10 years) means there is a specific need for greater confidence, and being comfortable with themselves for men in this age range. (source: Office of National Statistics).

How do you develop confidence in a Manfidence Workshop?

In the Manfidence Workshop, delegates are guided through a series of processes designed to rediscover their authentic voice and use that voice to communicate with the Workshop Group, borrowing from Public Speaking Confidence techniques. While the Manfidence Workshop is not a complete Public Speaking course, once you have stood up in front of a group of your peers, men who understand the common challengeswe all face, and communicated who you are, you will also measurably improve your Public Speaking skills. If you have never spoken in public or find it terrifying, the Manfidence Workshop will provide a safe, non-judgemental environment to practice just being yourself – and that is something you cannot fail at! All the men in a Manfidence Workshop are on the same team, cheering each other on.

What happens after the Manfidence Workshop?

Manfidence Workshop delegates will be encouraged to form ongoing peer support groups to maintain and build on their new-found confidence, either face to face if all live within the same area, or on conference calls. If there is a demand, a follow-up Improvers Manfidence Workshop can be arranged.

An individudal programme of up to 6 Manfidence Coaching Sessions is also available.

How long is the Manfidence Workshop?

The Foundation Manfidence Workshop is just 1 day.

What if my question is not answered above?

Please feel free to contact your Manfidence Coach Marek Tribedi.