Clarify your outcomes and maximise your potential in your future Work, Wellbeing & Wealth with a Mid Life Coach


Every man has own, unique answer - what's yours?


With our increasing human lifespan, what we understood previously as "work" can now take many forms: full/part-time/shared employment, self-employment or consultancy, charity/non-profit activity, education or caring. Or any mixture of these, which can change over time. Redundancy in later career stages is tougher for men and can result in the need for a fundamental reassessment of strengths, skills and experience to leverage in new ventures, e.g. becoming self-employed. However, often a career transition is the result of a reassessment of your future, informed by greater experience or changes to your circumstances.

With all of these scenarios, now more than ever a Mid Life Coach who has personally experienced these transitions, and is dedicated to helping men make sense of their situations and craft a realistic plan to realise their dreams, can make all the difference to your future success and sense of achievement.


Traditionally and understandably, wellbeing certainly includes physical health and fitness with appropriate exercise, nutrition, sleep and so on. But mental health, resilience in change, maintaining positivity, sustaining relationships, a sense of purpose and for many, an individual spiritual dimension to their lives are also a vital part of this wellbeing landscape. Men, especially in their 40's/50's, typically pay less attention to some of these areas but they are equally important.


A Mid Life Coach as an empathetic sounding board can help you formulate strategies based on your priorities to embed wellbeing practices which will benefit you throughout your entire life. It's not "touchy-feely", it's just practical common sense. 


Equally important, the decisions on how to structure your financial future and pension arrangements rely on clarity of your goals. Only a qualified Independent Financial Adviser can give you "advice" however their expertise is in structuring finances rather than assisting you in working out what you really want to do. 

This means that the potentially overwhelming task of looking at what you really want to do and achieve in the future, perhaps for the first time in a long while, is all up to you - and maybe at a time when many other competing pressures exist. This could include the goals/needs of a partner/family members or caring responsibilities.

A Mid Life Coach can provide a safe sounding board with whom to explore what's really right for you, formulate a clear set of goals and emerge with an individual action plan which will be your roadmap all the way to your destination. It's good to "enjoy the journey" but it's great to get there!


As a qualified Performance Coach with a degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate from Sheffield Hallam University, NLP Practitioner and many years experience as a people development manager in an intense corporate environment, Marek Tribedi is well qualified to provide both the active encouragement and positive support as your Mid Life Coach for you to rediscover your motivation and apply it to your goals.


Marek also created the 3000+ strong Maximise Network while at Lloyds Banking Group in the belief that there is greater capability to be leveraged from experienced colleagues for their future beyond full-time employment, achieving the Finalist Award (Top 3 in the UK) for Aviva Championing an Ageing Workforce (Business In The Community) at The Royal Albert Hall, and personally invited to be a core member of Baroness Ros Altmann's Business Taskforce for Older Workers.