The video above shows Marek leading a special type of presentation workshop, perhaps the toughest there is - a comedy workshop. Don't worry, on a Mindspeakers Workshop you won't be expected to be funny - just yourself.


Rediscover your self-presentation confidence through applying the attitudes of mindfulness.

1. Mindfulness is a scientifically proven, evidence-based technique for managing anxiety.

2. Building confidence and reducing anxiety will enable all of us to perform at our best.

3. Performing at our best is crucial for the future prosperity of both ourselves and our environment.

4. Our coaching approach follows mindfulness principles and models, which is naturally effective whether you have previous experience of mindfulness or not.

5. Our tried and tested improvisation games are fun and naturally demonstrate how to stay in the moment.

6. You will benefit from our extensive experience in both the performance worlds of theatre, dance & comedy as well as the professional corporate sphere.

So why do we believe that we can help just about anyone get more confident at speaking in public?

Marek started running comedy workshops (as Virginmirth Comedy) for absolute beginners in 1997 and when he met Alice, a fellow comic, several years later, they started running them together (as seen on BBC1’s Inside Out) and ended up getting married.

What they realised is that the greatest benefit of their comedy workshops was that it gave people the confidence they needed to give comedy a go.

Like one now internationally renowned comedian, who said "If it wasn't for the Virginmirth Workshop I really wouldn't have found the courage to stand up on stage and I'd still be talking about doing it. I was so nervous about even doing the workshop that I went out and got very drunk the night before to take my mind of it. So you've helped to turn a coward into a stand up comedian and I've really enjoyed myself".

P.S. His Edinburgh Festival Comedy Show was recently awarded a coveted 5 Stars.

But not everyone wants to perform comedy. Although most people feel they could be more confident when speaking in public. It’s the skill that makes a massive difference to any professional career as well as being handy for speaking at informal gatherings without the stomach clenching fear that many people get.

So recently we decided to create a new series of workshops for mindful speaking confidence. The “mindful” bit is from mindfulness – a practice sweeping the world right now which basically is all about controlling your attention, which keeps your anxiety under control.

This isn’t a meditation workshop – you will learn a simple 3 minute calming breathing exercise, however what we do is apply the 7 attitudes of Mindfulness identified by the Western founder of Mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn to the art and science of public speaking performance.

We bring award-winning stand-up performing and corporate performance coaching experience to help anyone improve their presentation skills.

Our Mindful Speaking Confidence Workshop will

  • Explain the 7 Mindfulness Attitudes defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn, father of Western Mindfulness Practice and integrate them into our unique S.P.E.A.K.E.R. model.

  • Help you identify how each one of these can make a fundamental and lasting difference to how you feel about your potential to speak with greater confidence in public – and private.

  • Show you how to put it all together and make a short presentation which will leave you with a confident memory to draw on in all future presentations.